Saturday, 20 August 2016

The doctor is in ! - Mad doctor for 40k

OK, I've been working on a project lately which has proven to take more time and energy than anticipated so I've decided to treat myself with a candy model just for fun.
See, I often read about hobby burn outs but it seems to me that generally doesn't come from a lack of pleasure more than anything. Just to break the monotony of working on many models at once, getting a stand alone out just for fun makes you complete something which is the kind of rewarding feeling that fuels me at least.

So while you'll have to wait a bit for this bigger project, here's what I decided to do.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dragon Rampant and the future of the champions of Law

Hey all !

Once again, the champions of Law are today's topic ! After having used them for Mordheim and Frostgrave, I've decided to go a little bigger and try Dragon Rampant !

Let's face it, this force started almost like a joke with a single model but I've grown so fond of them and have kept adding it new models so I need a plan now !
Upgrading the force from a single model to a skirmish force then to a full grown army seems an achievement in itself so I'd like to put borders to this to make this an enjoyable process till the end rather than stopping because I'm bored.

So here's what I've planned, let's have a look at what we already have !

Monday, 8 August 2016

Prastok Imperial City - New scenery for 40k

Bit of an unusual post for me today since not only have I painted 14 pieces in a WE but I've painted scenery !
You've heard me whine about my total lack of any good scenery for quite a while for the most patient of you so I thought I had to use the opportunity to have the house for me alone to paint some buildings and ruins.

A little time ago (2 years at least), I realised I had plenty of bits from now old GW kits and thought it was high time to use them to make... SCENERY !

Monday, 1 August 2016

Hess Poison Breath - take 2

Life's an eternal circle of doing the same things isn't it ? Well my painting life surely revolves a bit and I've recently had to come back to an old acquaintance after our first encounter...
The reason behind all this is that I've inflicted myself an embargo on miniatures and any modelling supply requiring paint. This embargo has started in May and though I've stupidly (and unwillingly) broken it by getting a set of scenery, it has changed quite a few things in the way I get new models. Apart from trades (my favourite way of dealing) and gifts (thanks to the generosity of many) my only resort is to pay in paint. 
I therefore got a Nurgle champion I was looking for against a paintjob. The model happened to be a Jes Goodwin chaos sorceror so I was really pleased !

Sunday, 31 July 2016

We can do it anywhere - Holiday chaos conversions

I believe you've already noticed that summer was upon us and that with comes Holidays and jours of sunbathing, hiking and visits all around...
All of this is nice and good but does that mean that the vast flows of creativity that inhabit us just just because we're abroad or too close to a beach ? Of course not.
There are always opportunities with kids napping or sleeping at night, little hobby havens for those who just can't really take a break from their little toys...
Since reading cheap literature and taking naps myself is not for me, I've recently opted for a good way (for me) to use free time in holidays (I might reconsider things when I'm not single).

Thursday, 28 July 2016

GORECHOSEN : Willy Gutshagger

Long time no see huh ? Well I've been in holidays for a while now and this is still a model I painted before leaving but since I'm getting access to a computer, I thought I could post a little something !

This guy is part of an ongoing challenge with my fellow WIPsters on Scale Creep and I was meant to select an oldschool chaos model to make myself a character to play in the upcoming game GORECHOSEN by GW.
The idea of playing with small lumps of lead against titans of plastic was just enough to motivate me even if the word CHAOS is generally sufficient for me.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Warpriest of Law - Champions of Law season 2

A bit more champions of law today but this one has a little something special !
I've been in contact with Gretchin from Greenstuff Gretchin recently and we've been sharing common interests and ideas for future projects. You might remember she and Axiom did a joint project about an astropath and she's proposed me to convert a champion of Law !
Given how talented she is, I was obviously thrilled !

Thursday, 7 July 2016

ZOMBIES ! - I survived the Apoculyps...

Alright, I've just realised the life of a necromancer might actually be VERY tiring. 
How do I know that ? Well you might have seen my brother James and I engaged in a stupid penis measurement challenge earlier.
In short, we were to each paint 8 sci-fi undead from Mantic and the winner would be whoever could come up first with his models done.
Now I fully know it was a foolish move from the start to challenge a man who is able to combine quality and quantity with ease but after all, you only get better by challenging the best !

Aaaand that's how I WON !
Just take a look at the progress report on the Scale Creep and drink the tears of sorrow of those who failed, I've just taken a bath in them so they should still be warm..

If you're more into how it all happened, here's the story :
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